Our company was established in 2010.Our purpose was to operate International Bus Lines and Exploitation of Domestic Tourist Market. Our goal is the quality of international transport. Our consultant is Mr A.Bibe.

The company fleet of Artur Bibe Co.O.E the youngest and safest, comprising 20 modern buses Man,Setra Neoplan,4 Vito Mercedes-Benz,a Crafter Wolkswagen and 2 Exlusive limo minibuses.

These are a high quality selection, ready to offer a comfortable, pleasant and safe travel.
The company’s buses, with a capacity of 7 to 63 seats, are state-of-the-art and fully equipped with the finest factory safety and comfort systems (ABS, ASR, ESP, GPS-NAVI, PARKTRONIC, reversing cameras, fleet traffic and fuel consumption, etc.). The company has ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 39001: 2012. Our staffs are trained for emergency situations and first aid and at the same time their training is renewed. Our staff speaks English and other European languages.

From 2010, the company has invested in 20 new generation touring coaches and antifouling technology, supplying them with the most environmentally friendly fuel, Diesel Best Action, reducing not only pollutants but also noise. Its objective is also the constant renewal of the fleet, with an average age of buses of 5 years.

The top choices for the most demanding are the 2 Exclusive Mercedes-Benz Limousine Minibuses, the most modern and luxurious of the market today.